Can I kick it?

What’s good?

Welcome to a blog about sneakers, music, fashion and all kinds of cool stuff.

I’ve been active on Instagram for quite some time now. Mainly posting pics of my sneaker collection and other things I like. Growing up listening to hiphop, my love for the sneaker culture started early. This never left. I am still trying to keep up with all the new releases.

Besides collecting sneakers, I also make music. So I might also post some music related stuff.

There are a lot of brands that are connected to the sneaker culture. You just can’t picture a sneakerhead without having some of these brands in their closet. BAPE, Supreme, Stussy are known for collaborating with street culture. Since streetfashion is super popular nowadays, you can see that the haute couture designers are bridging the gap between high end fashion and streetfashion. Collaborations like Supreme x Louis Vuitton aren’t impossible anymore. These developments make it super interesting for people like me to also keep an eye out for the big designers.

Just sit back, relax, and strap on your seatbelt.

RigouReus got you covered.



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