The Nike Air Max 1 ‘Master’

The highly anticipated Nike Air Max 1 ‘Master’ released last saturday. This sneaker is a tribute to all the ‘holy grail’ Air Max Ones we’ve seen over the years. Especially the ones before Nike introduced a new shape around 2008. The ‘Master’ is a compilation of 12 different colorways. Nike is using this release to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Air Max 1. So you could imagine a lot of sneakerheads were in desperate need to have these in their collection.

So it’s saturday the 11th of March somewhere around 11 AM. Most of the people that were trying to buy these got nothing but a L and started to realise that around this time. It was super hard to get your hands on these. Since Nike has a new system of handing out their products through a lottery, people just have to wait and see if Nike picks them as one of the lucky few that can actually buy these. For me, it’s not that exciting anymore. You just fill in your e-mail adress and wait to get that ‘Sorry, you didn’t get selected’ response. That whole adventure of trying to move your hands faster than Bruce Lee when the clock strikes 10 AM just to click the right size and check out, is something I miss. Of course the people using Bots (those illegal software programmes that do it al for you within seconds) kinda messed it up for everyone. Especially when the non-sneakerheads heard about the resell value of some. But hey, we’re still here and loving the game.

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Sorry, I got carried away. Back to the ‘Master’. I was one of the people that got lucky last saturday. Thank God for for hooking me up. When I saw the first photo’s of the shoe I wasn’t quite sure about it. I mean, the concept is dope. The materials are dope. I just wasn’t sure about how it all came together in one shoe. I am not a big fan of black midsoles on a AM1. When I saw the F&F version on Instagram I was like ‘well, that white leather and white midsole is much better’. So when they came in this week I was sceptical. After unboxing them the first thing I noticed was the toebox. The shape isn’t the same as back in the days, while Nike claims to have listened to its connoisseurs. So, in the end I am happy to have a piece of AM1 history in my collection, but I am not super thrilled about the execution of it. Not to mention the absence of certain holy grails like the AM1 Amsterdam for example. I honestly don’t understand why the Masters of Air picked the AM1 premium SP. I understand they needed strong patterns but still. But that’s my opinion. What do y’all think?

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


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