Happy Air Max Day


Nike introduced Air Max Day in 2014 and this year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Nike Air Max 1. One of my favorite sneaker silhouettes of all time.


Today I chose to wear the pink pack 1s from 2007. The materials Nike used on this shoe are still in a great condition after 10 years. Plus the shape is beautiful. 2007 is the last year I bought any  Air Max 1s because not long after these released, Nike decided to change the shape of the shoe. An alteration a lot of sneakerheads wished never happened. Myself included.

All pink everything


I haven’t worn this jacket in years. It’s a limited Nike International jacket I bought somewhere around the same time these AM1s came out. Unfortunately I can’t find any other info on the release of this jacket.

What did you wear on this day?


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