Setting silverware the right way

The re-release of the Nike Air Max 97 takes me back to a time in elementary school when all the cool kids were wearing tracksuits with Air Maxes and most of them were into hardcore music. At that time I was wearing my Air Max BWs and 95s. Only one friend of mine could afford buying the brand new 97 silver bullets. Of course he had us all thinking less of our kicks. Even though these 97s were more expensive than previous Air Max models, I remember some of the boys poking holes in their air units because somehow they thought it was cool to mess up brand new kicks.


Anyway, 20 years later Nike gave us a new chance to cop the infamous silver bullets. Nowadays with a lot of fashionblogs talking about the silver bullets, its popularity is way bigger than back in ’97 when only the richer kids (with parents that were not the average law abiding citizens) and ‘gabbers’ (hardcore lovers) were wearing them. At least that was the case in my area. Either way, it has shown to be an icon in the sneakergame these last two decades. Happy 20th anniversary to a shoe that’s both loved and hated.

What are your memories or thoughts of this shoe?




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