Travelpost: Gran Canaria

Unfortunately I’m typing this while it’s raining outside. Yup, I’m back in The Netherlands. So last week I was residing in an African Island group, which is part of Spain. The Canary Islands consist of popular islands like Fuerteventura, Tenerife and Gran Canaria. I went there with my parents, my gf, my brother and his wife and son. Mainly to celebrate our parents’ 40th wedding anniversary, but also to eat way too much and get sun burned on the second day of our stay. At least that was my story.

Our stay


The hotel we stayed at was in the south of the island; Playa Del Ingles. An area that is very dry and the only green you will encounter are the palm trees that were placed there by men. It doesn’t make the trees less beautiful but still. Mother Nature does a better job herself I think. Anyway, we rented a car and drove across the coast towards the west; a place called Mogรกn. On the way we stopped to visit one of the nicest beaches of the island. At least that was what Google told me. Anfi Del Mar is a beach that was built by hotel Anfi for her guests. However, private beaches are forbidden by Spanish Law so everyone can enjoy it’s white sand and clearest blue water. Thanks for that. Besides water, we also visited the dunes of Maspalomas. Makes you feel like you’re walking in the Sahara without losing the connection to civilisation.


For shopping we went to Maspalomas. There we found a shoppingmall on the promenade with a dope sneakerstore in it called Shuzu Lab. They had sneakers in sale that were instantly sold out over here. Like Adidas NMD citysocks, Y3 Pureboost and other stuff. Check them out. Maybe you’ll find something dope on their webshop.


For food you are in the right place. There are plenty of restaurants on the boulevard near the lighthouse. We were craving for fish so we went to a restaurant that had a lot of living lobsters and fish on display at the entrance. So we figured it had to be good. And it sure was. I forgot the name of the place but if you’re planning to go there one day no worries. Every restaurant we passed on that street looked nice as f***!

Anyways, if you ever go to Gran Canaria make sure you rent a car and just drive. Along the coast the view is crazy. When you like landscapes similar to the Grand Canyon, just drive towards the centre of the island.



A quick moment for my latest pick up. Before going on vacation I bought these ones for cheap. Adidas Stan Smith with Boost technology. Very clean and way better cushioning than the original ones. Which totally makes sense when you look at the midsole. Perfect for long evening strolls to every souvenir shop in town. Believe me…

Vale. Adios amigos.


ID on clothing:

A Bathing Ape camo tee
leather logo cap
Champion shorts

Patta x Dana Lixenberg ‘Aaliyah’ tee
Adidas Originals Trefiol cap

Supreme Sade photo tee ss17
Comme Des Garcons Play x Converse
Marcelo Burlon New Era cap


Monki dress
Zara red dress
Zaraย top and striped pants
Nike Flyknit Racer ‘multicolor’


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